Glyderau - putting the band together

• 22nd Mar, 2016 • 0 Comments


I have been thinking about what bandsmen I will need for Glyderau and this is likely to be as follows: Drums, bass, keyboards, guitar and a small brass section - sax and trumpet etc.

I will use this website to try and create some interest and attract potential band members.

You can contact me here.


1970's re-issue Black Fender Telecaster Custom

• 6th Mar, 2016 • 0 Comments


Every once in a while a guitarist gets that yearning for another guitar. It was my birthday so I decided to go down to London's Tottenham Court Road in search of a new one. Actually, I had already decided what I wanted, it was a black Fender Telecaster Custom "re-issue", just like the one that Pat Travers played in the 70's.

Anyhow it wasn't difficult find one, as a number of the stores had them, it…


1974 CBS era Sunburst Fender Stratocaster with tremolo

• 2nd Mar, 2016 • 1 Comments


My first electric guitar was a red Watkins Rapier 33 bought on hire purchase from the Bell's Music Catalogue, which I used wear out thumbing through the pages. This guitar was the closet thing I could afford that resembled a Strat and in my imagination it was a Strat. However, I still desired the real thing and when I got my first job I started saving like crazy to buy one, although the saving didn't…


1987 White Gibson Les Paul Studio

• 1st Mar, 2016 • 0 Comments


I came across this at a guitar show at the G Mex Centre in Manchester back in the mid 90's. It just called out to me from the show stand, looking stunning in white with gold hardware. I saw it on the Saturday, played it and then returned on the Sunday and bought it. I paid the guy with just a cheque and no card and he let me take it away there and then.



Ovation Applause AE-136

• 1st Mar, 2016 • 0 Comments


Theres not much to say about this guitar other than I have had it about 22 years and it is my main acoustic guitar when perfoming with Up all Nite.

It works very well live, but being a deep bowl it is prone to feeding back, so I use a Feedback Buster which is the rubber disc gizmo that fits into the sound hole. 


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