1987 White Gibson Les Paul Studio

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I came across this at a guitar show at the G Mex Centre in Manchester back in the mid 90's. It just called out to me from the show stand, looking stunning in white with gold hardware. I saw it on the Saturday, played it and then returned on the Sunday and bought it. I paid the guy with just a cheque and no card and he let me take it away there and then.

In the smokey pub days the finish used to turn yellow, but could be polished back to creamy white with a gentle application of T-Cut. I have not carried out any mods to this guitar apart from replacing the tuners with a set of Schaller deluxe, the original Kluson green tulip ones were worn and would not hold in tune.

On one occasion the guitar very nearly got trashed, as after one late night gig I took the guitar out of the van ready to load into my car and left it on the ground at the back of the van. Rob, our singer thought that I had loaded my car and started to reverse, at which point I shouted "STOP"!!, too late the van wheel had already run over the guitar in its case. However, as luck would have it the guitar was unmarked as the guitar did not fill the last four inches or so of the case at the head stock end and all that was needed was a new case.

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